Need A Powder Coater or Sandblasting Company In Sydney You Can Rely On?

Are you experiencing poor quality from your existing powder coating or sandblasting partner in Sydney? Are you a metal fabricator or engineer that requires some help with your next project? Or maybe you are aiming to get rid of and update the paint on your outside furniture, a security door or on a vehicle restoration job?

We are a market leading company based in Sydney. We provide a variety of paint removal, coating and finishing services of the highest quality including powder coating for commercial and domestic products, paint removal utilizing chemical removing or sandblasting and on-line pre-treatment services. We cater for high volume commercial coating projects in addition to smaller sized coating and paint elimination jobs for the handyman, restorer or house renovator.

Powder Coating & Sandblasting In Sydney

We utilize state of the art sandblasting and coating equipment together with Dulux & Interpon (AkzoNobel) powders to ensure a high quality surface. Take a look at our gallery of work which includes both industrial and domestic coating and abrasive blasting examples.

Running for over 20 years, we have been partnering with our clients to fulfill the requirements of industry. With our distinct, conveyorised powder coating line, we are able to satisfy the high volume requirements of a number of our clients.

Due to our high quality service offering in Sydney we are incredibly popular amongst discerning restorers and house renovators. Have a look at our gallery for examples of work we have finished including custom-made bike paint jobs of frames, wheel and rim, removing paint on security doors and painting of wrought iron.

If you would like a superior metal finish and work with a friendly and professional company then contact via our online contact form or call us to find how we can transform how you finish your steel, metal products and restoration projects.

What Is Powder Coating?

It is an innovative and popular technique of applying an ornamental finish to a wide variety of metallic products utilized by both industry and customers. It is an ornamental finishing that is electrostatically applied to a surface area as a finely ground powder then heated up at between 180 and 200 degrees Celsius (metal temperature) so that it flows and creates a consistent covering throughout the entire surface.

The result is a uniform, long lasting, premium, and appealing finish which is really resistant to scratches, splitting, peeling, UV rays and rust.

The entire procedure includes a number of actions.

1. Abrasive Blasting, sandblasting chemical removing and/or solvent cleansing to guarantee the surface area is devoid of any oils, dirt, rust or foreign matter.

2. Pre-treatment throughout which the product is treated with chemicals to further clean, secure and prepare the substrate with a surface that enables excellent adhesion of the coating.
3. Washing and Drying

4. Powder application with electrostatic guns

5. Curing – The product is heated up to a particular metal temperature for a selected time period after which the product cools and the covering forms a high quality, durable completed surface.

Our powder coating and sandblasting equipment is first class. The conveyor accepts product as much as 4000mm in length, 1800mm in height and 800mm in width. If you need bigger items, call us to discuss your requirements as we can accommodate metal products up to 6500mm long, 1800mm in height and 1200mm in width.

Industrial Powder Coating

We specialise in complex, high volume commercial powder coating. In today’s world of just-in-time delivery and competitive margins, a trusted contractor can be the difference in between success and failure and PCS is preferably positioned to manage all of your commercial requirements.

There is nothing more frustrating that having your project grind to a halt due to components and products not being readily available for the next stage of manufacture. The option, having excess stock on hand can be pricey. You don’t want to miss deadlines and potentially lose clients however at the same time you do not want money tied up in unneeded assets.

We have actually been reliably providing high quality, high volume processing to companies for over 20 years. Our experienced group, coupled with our state of the art conveyorised pre-treatment and facilities, is concentrated on providing our clients:

1. Exceptional service
2. Effective turn-around times
3. Superior finish quality
4. Value

Domestic Powder Coating

Powder finishings are available in a large range of colours, metallics, textures and special effects. Unlike solvent based damp paint systems, it is an eco-friendly procedure which provides a long lasting finish that is resistant to breaking and peeling when the surface area is treated and the powder is used correctly.

It is perfect for domestic applications such as:

  • garden or metal furniture
  • motorcycle frames, wheels and parts
  • automobile frames, wheels and parts
  • push bike and bike frames and forks
  • off-road/4WD automobile parts
  • cast iron beds, chairs and verandah lacework
  • wrought iron fencing, railings and gates
  • home office furniture including tables and filing cabinets

We Pride Ourselves On Providing Excellent Quality Service

Our experienced service technicians can also help prepare your domestic pieces for coating by cleaning and removing original paintwork and pre-treating to ensure a stunning finish.